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We offer our clients the freedom to choose from our existing tests or create Custom Talent Assessment Solutions that meets their specific job requirements within their preferred testing time frame.
Whether our clients opt to design their own test or would like us to craft one for them, we’re happy to accommodate. Our wide range of assessments empowers our clients to design a testing solution that accurately measures their candidates’ abilities and potential for success.


One of the toughest aspects of implementing a testing program is finding a test or series of tests that meet a company’s specific needs. Each organization has its own set of critical functions and the jobs within them require specific knowledge, skills and abilities. In many cases companies also have time constraints with respect to the amount of time an applicant will have to take the test(s).

Many test publishers have pre-assembled test batteries that can address the majority of an organization’s assessment needs, however, there are also many instances where a perfect fit between job requirements, testing content and time limitations is not available. The alternative is an expensive proposal from the test publisher to develop a customized test from scratch.


With the Clarity Elite Profiling System (EPS), organizations have the option of implementing any of the EPS “pre-built tests” that have been designed to assess the cognitive and personality characteristics associated with the most common jobs, or they can “mix and match” from a comprehensive library of short cognitive, personality, skills and/or interest scales to create a truly customized solution (based on job requirements) within their desired testing time frame.

Clarity’s Custom Talent Assessment Solutions ensure organizations are only testing for those cognitive abilities, personality characteristics, skills and/or interests that are relevant to the job, therefore increasing validity while at the same time reducing test administration time significantly. Our I/O Psychologists are always available and eager to help you with this.

The Clarity Elite Profiling System

Explore the depth of our offerings by downloading our complete assessment catalog. It includes hundreds of individual scales (personality, interest, cognitive ability, skills and situational judgment assessments) that allow you to customize your results even further. Our library of assessments provides you with the tools to develop a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s unique traits, characteristics, and abilities.

Choose from a wide range of assessments.

    • Attention to Detail
    • Data Ordering
    • Electrical Systems
    • Following Instructions
    • Inductive Reasoning
    • Inspection
    • Language Skills
    • Light Industrial Math
    • Maps
    • Math Skills Basic
    • Mathematical Advanced
    • Mathematical and Logical Reasoning
    • Measurement
    • Mechanical Movement
    • Pattern Finding
    • Physical Properties
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Reasoning
    • Spatial Perception
    • Spatial 3D Reasoning
    • Spatial Reasoning
    • Tables
    • Tools
    • Verbal Comprehension
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Artistic
    • Conventional
    • Enterprising
    • Investigative
    • Realistic
    • Social
    • Achievement Drive
    • Agreeableness
    • Assertiveness 
    • Can-Do
    • Commitment
    • Compassion
    • Competitiveness
    • Conscientiousness
    • Control
    • Cooperativeness
    • Customer Care
    • Customer Relations
    • Dedication
    • Drug Free Attitudes
    • Energy
    • Extraversion
    • Flexibility
    • Go-Getter Attitude
    • Goal Focus
    • Good Citizen
    • Helping Disposition
    • Influence
    • Initiative
    • Interpersonal Skills 
    • Kindness
    • Leadership 
    • Non-Negativity
    • Non-Violent Attitudes
    • Open Mindedness 
    • Openness
    • Optimism
    • Organization 
    • Patience
    • Patient Relations
    • Planning
    • Positive Attitude
    • Problem Solving Orientation 
    • Relationship Management
    • Reliability
    • Responsibility
    • Rules Compliance
    • Safety Orientation
    • Self Confidence 
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Control 
    • Self-Management
    • Service Orientation
    • Service Ability
    • Social Awareness
    • Stress Management
    • Stress Tolerance
    • Supervision
    • Team Care 
    • Team Player
    • Technical Interest
    • Trustworthiness
    • Willingness to Help
    • Work Ethic
    • Manager: Communication
    • Manager: Decision Making
    • Manager: Delegation
    • Manager: Employee Relations
    • Sales – Customer
    • Sales – Drive and Persistence
    • Sales – Listening Skills
    • Sales – Sales Strategies
    • Service – Helpline:
    • Service – Helpline: Interpersonal Skills
    • Service – Helpline: Listening Skills
    • Service – Helpline: Service-Orientation
    • Service: Conscientiousness
    • Service: Interpersonal Skills
    • Service: Listening Skills
    • Service: Service-Orientation
    • Supervisor 
    • Supervisor – Conscientiousness
    • Supervisor – Motivation
    • Supervisor – Team Orientation
    • Team: Confidence
    • Team: Flexibility
    • Team: Team
    • Team: Trust
    • Computer Technology
    • Search Engine
    • Computer Security
    • Browser
    • Windows OS
    • Mac OS
    • Outlook
    • Networking
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint

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